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Summer 2011

Our little girl is growing up quickly. Her potty training, expanding vocabulary and vibrant imagination are keeping us on our toes. Here are some photos from the last few months.

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2 Years Old!

It’s been a while since the last update – things have been busy and Caitlin is doing great. She’s running all over, talking up a storm and wanting to do everything herself. Enjoy the photos!

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Going Retro


Sorry, this was just an excuse to play with new photo toys.

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Friday Morning Photos

A photo update – she’s really getting into everything these days.

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Labor Day at the Park

This morning we walked up to the park for a “fetch” session for Noonan and a little romping and swinging for Caitlin. Here are some photos.

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Summer Video and Photo Update

The video above shows Caitlin doing some problem diagnosis – that ball is just too big and got stuck in the tube. How about a little help there, dad?

Here are some photos from earlier this summer.

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Starting summer

Summer is finally here and Caitlin continues to grow and develop at an amazing rate. She’s got 9 teeth now and is putting them all to use by trying all sorts of new foods. Current loves are mac-n-cheese, pizza, ‘nanas’, tomatoes and any berry she can get to her mouth. She’s a solid walker and  she’s now trying to go as fast as she can.  She gives great kisses and is such fun to be around.  Here are a few more recent pics – her hair is really starting to come in giving us a lot more styling options :-)

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Photo Updates

Here are some photos from the last few weeks. The little girl is definitely growing up and getting more and more engaged with things (and a lot more vocal).

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Life after 1

Life goes on after the first birthday!  Caitlin is exploring her world and we are exploring hair and eye glass options.  Here are a few recent shots, including a couple from a play date we had with Charlie, just 3 days older than Caitlin.  Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday!

We celebrated Caitlin’s first birthday today – it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year, so much has happened.

Several friends and their little ones (ages 7 months to 4 years) came over to help us celebrate. They all had fun playing together, the dog and I are still feeling a bit overwhelmed. Dad needs to take things in baby steps (pun intended).

Here are a couple of videos from Caitlin’s birthday cupcake – she was fairly careful with it at first, but later had fun playing with the frosting.

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